Wednesday, September 4, 2013

NuElle Triple Action Anti-Cellulite Firming Concentrate Reviews

NuElle Triple Action is a gel that aims to stand out among the crowd of anti – cellulite products. For this it not only claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite but also aid in weight loss with the help of twenty-five ingredients. It boosts by claiming that it works better than oral diet pills. The taste of the pudding is in its eating. So we have to wait and see, whether the tall claims made by the company is digested by the users.

Was It Researched?
It gets no marks on the research front, as no clinical study has been done on the product. Its claim for weight loss becomes unreal due to lack of scientific evidences.
What Ingredients You Find in NuElle Triple Action?
This product also contains caffeine that stimulates metabolism and helps to rid the body of excess water weight by suppressing your appetite. 
In addition to caffeine it also contains L’Carnitine, Bladderwrack, Butcher’s Broom and Ivy. The formula works to restore damaged cells.
It claims to contain 25 ingredients, but the whole list of ingredients is missing. The reason for hiding the ingredients is not known.

How Much Does It Cost?
NuElle Triple Action can be purchased online and also from local outlets for $32.

How to Use NuElle Triple Action?
It is suggested to apply twice a day to the affected areas in circular motions. It should be applied 2 hours after meal or one hour before meal. 
This product has a diuretic effect and it is not recommended for pregnant woman.
It causes sweating in the applied areas.

Will It Work for You?
It is quite accepted that the concentrate is not a cure for cellulite although it is recommend using it continuously in order to maintain the results. Now imagine using an untested product indefinitely and risking side effects. Very tricky question indeed. It gets a thumps down on overall lack of clarity about the product.


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