Saturday, June 30, 2012

Home Remedies To Reduce Weight Naturally

Weight loss Remedies

Here are few foremost remedies to lose weight safely:
  • For weight loss you should eat 1 or 2 tomatoes on an empty stomach. You should take it as a breakfast and carry on few months.
  • Second way to control your weight by water, in the morning first of all you should drink lukewarm water with half a lemon. Drink lot of water(6-7 glass) in a day. 
  • Third is Green tea, it is an excellent resources to lose fat by increasing the body’s metabolism. A cup of green tea and an apple are great substitute to provide enough energy and oxidation. 
  • Carrot juice and water is one more home remedy to lose weight.
  • Cut down Sodium Lose Excess Weight: Limit the consumption of sodium! Yes, it's true as clinical researches say that if you use excess of sodium, you will get the water preservation within your body that may be the cause of looking unwanted weight. So keep away from the salty food items and even have little amounts of sodium to make weight reduction possible!


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